Monday, September 22, 2008


So today in blogging, i am going to be straight out honest and not try to hide anything. 

So there is this mentally challenged kid in my gym class. And today, he told me that he was bi-sexual. I was so impressed by his open-ness about it. It gave me a lot of thoughts, because it really just shows that mentally challenged people
know about things, and they have feelings. Not in a mean way, but it actually is such a pain to have him in my class, because every day I have to watch him be the one student with no "partner" or "group". Watching every other student in the class having the immaturity of running from him as he walks towards them. No one in our class has the light in them to stand up and offer to be his partner. I do have to admit though, that I am a bit frightened by him because he always uses threats with violence to express his feelings. And he tends to physically touch me and "poke" me as a joke. But i know he doesn't mean it in a harmful way. 

My friend told me today, that there is a lot of change going on in her life, and she doesn't think she can deal with it. It only made me realize how much things change, and how fast they change too. I have been going through so much change since 6th grade from moving all over the place and dealing with a whole new lifestyle, and i think that taught me the hard way, that you just have to accept that change and only make good out of it. I also sort of thought about it, and change = change. (the piggy bank kind of change) because at first you look at your pile of pennies and think, "Oh, well, i'll get nothing out of this" and once you bring it to the bank you only realize as you hear the clunking of the coins falling through the coin king, that all of your change has turned into one big result, and a good result at that. surprisingly 100 dollars! all in change..... If i can remember this correctly, the last time i experienced a sudden change that i did not like at all, it took me only about 3 hours to get over it. And i am so proud of myself at that. After about three hours i looked at the other doors that were open.

And i seriously love being in the school musical. I have never had so much fun at practice before. Every thing is just so good lately. and i think is because i have accepted change, and opened more space to let more good in. 

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