Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Wow was i wrong when i was thinking my birthday was gonna suck. I ended up having one of the best days of my life! So summary of the day: My dad made me breakfast :) yayy! and then at school people wished me a happy birthday which is always fun! I felt bad though because i didn't hear half the people saying it to me because of my dumb cold. It made me deaf. Two classes sang happy birthday to me today, which was prettttty awesome. I got a gift from my friend katie, that had a totally awesome quote that defines us. It says, "Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: "What! You, too? Thought I was the only one." -C.S. Lewis -- And she also got be a box of candles. My favorite! Thennnn later in the day me and matty had a really deep conversation, which was totally awesome. He my beft fend. =]. When i got home today, i was actually very upset. I called into work to see if anything could be done, where I could just not go into work on friday... but my boss said "no we need everyone we can." so I was a little sad that I now have to miss the dimmn show this friday. Then i got into thought that this week was going to suck, because there was no days at all that i would be able to celebrate my birthday, because I'm working every single day! To get things off of my mind, i left to go visit the practice going on for musical. For some reason just walking into that room with the cast just made me feel like home. It made me so happy to just walk in and see everyones bright faces ... soon after, my mom came home and ended up cheering me up, and took me out to dinner. It was a bit weird because me and my mom don't exactly have a "close" relationship at all... On the car ride there, we didn't say a word. But I appreciated the fact that she wanted to take me to dinner :). Surprisingly, we actually had some really good conversations. Then afterwards, she decided to take me shopping for a bit :) I got a totally awesome Hoodie that I'm in love with. It was a great birthday present :). On the drive home, my cousin called me and begged me to stop at Taylor's house just for a few minutes and so i did. And WOW. Words can not even explain how happy i was when i walked into her house. There were lights all set up and decorations. It looked like my BESTIESST friends Jessica and Taylor worked really hard on making my birthday awesome. On her counter was a set of presents and a cookie cake :) yummmm. When we got there it was CRAZY because we were just all shouting with excitement the whole time, (and also we were in a hurry because i had to leave for work soon). The pizza man came and when i opened the door i was shouting some more "OHHH MY GOOODD HIIII!" at the pizza boy, which happened to be Eldridge, my senior friend from freshman year!!! so that was VERY exciting. Afterwards me and christina opened our gifts and WOWEE they know me well. they got me EXACTLY what i wanted. =]!!! i could say, that i really was intoxicated with excitement. My other bestie, Dan, then came over and i saw him for a few minutes, but then sadly I had to leave =[. I ended up going to work a half hour late. I walked in as I was dressing, and wore flip flops, no name tag, shirt not tucked in, and hair down. Thank god it was the shift leader because I was able to have some time to get more "professional" looking. IT was just one crazy night. And then all the people i LOVE at work, were working there today. So it was just a ton of excitement and laughs!! Jess Taylor Dan and Christina then came in to visit me and so did my grandma, aunt, and cousin. It was great!!! Later through the night, one person was allowed to leave (because we were soooo slow!) so since it was my birthday, i was able to go. Woo! So i headed off to hang out with the crew. We went to jewel and walked around, and then suddenly from afar, i saw Stef, Carly, and Kaitlin walking out with HUGEEE Balloons! And then later found out that they ended up walking into oberweis to surprise me with them, but i wasn't there! ... how embarrassing. So then they ended up driving to my house and such to look for me. Finalllllly i met up with them! And they all came out and gave me huge hugs and huge balloons. It was great to see my other best friends too on the same night! I drove Carly homee and she gave me a movie of pictures she put together, which is the besssst gift everrr!!! but sadly, it didn't work on my mac :( so we have to get that figured out. 

Everyone in my life that is important to me, spent their time to make today special, and i appreciate it SOO MUCH! Thank you ALLLL!!! oh and a great way to end off this day, was a special voicemail left to me from mike and william. :) shabanks guys.. your the best! it made me laugh soooo hard. Well... What a wonderful day it was. And i hope i can remember every second of it!!

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