Monday, September 8, 2008

Miserable at best.

During my computer video/animation class i listen to my ipod the whole time while I work on stuff. And during the last 5 minutes I actually sit there and do nothing but listen. I've noticed that within that last 5 minutes, every time, I always find my new favorite song. I don't know why but for some reason I just feel totally in the music zone. Maybe it's because the room is quiet and the lights are always dimmed. But anyway the point is, is that I really have been "feeling" the music again. It brought me back to 7th grade where it all started. And lately when songs catch my ear... it always happens to seem like I can make a total connection to the lyrics. As if the song found me. Line for line, it can easily be translated into my life. They are the words that i cant roll off of my tongue, but some person out there, feeling the same way, artistically wrote their feelings out in a genius and powerful way. And now i have found the words i have been searching for to explain my feelings. This is why I love music. The perfect harmonies and melodies give me a feeling like no other and I'm just in that whole new world, where i've longed to be.

Today I Listened to the song "Miserable At Best" by Mayday Parade.

It almost made me cry. 

Realizing you "love" your best friend, but then you have to watch them fall for someone else.
Or, The feelings you once had for somebody are coming back. And you've already ruined your chances.
It must be really hard.
Especially when you have to sing that song over and over again, thinking about it each time. 
But what can you do? 
Well... the only thing you can really do is be happy for your friend.
And move on, and learn your lesson...
Such as to maybe take that extra step next time, when you know it's right. 

But still... "The hardest part is letting go."

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