Thursday, September 25, 2008

what is the future..?

So yesterday i went to medieval times to learn about the careers there. and it was during school so it was all good. :) Haven't been on a field trip in a long time! When i was there i decided that i want to work there, because everyone who works there loves their job, and i just think it would be a much better environment than working at oberweis, where everyone there hates that job. 
But speaking of careers I have to say that i am so frightened. I haven't gained interest into anything but being involved in the arts. I know my passion is video and performing, but i just don't see myself in the stepping stones to build up to that. I feel like everyone around me just knows so much more than me and Im just a n00b. My plan for my future is nothing too big. i mean i think i would be happy living in a small apartment going to concerts and making movies on my free time. And then photography here and there... just living the life of an artist. And also living the life having the greatest friends around me. as someone once said to me, i want to live my life making other peoples lives. If i make them happy, then that would just make my day. Im not looking for a glamourous life or anything. Just one where i feel happiness within what i do and who i am. I just hope i can finally put a start into this someday, but i don't know where to start. 

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