Sunday, September 21, 2008

The cave of WONDERS Wonders wonders

Last night working until mid-november! yessss. i am freeeee. well sort of... except for the fact that I have musical practice every day. But thats fun :)

There's no better feeling than realizing that there's someone that you can possibly have at thing for. Because it's the beginning, and knowing that soon you will learn about a whole new persons life, is just an interesting feeling. it leaves you wondering while you drive in silence, or lay in bed at night. Cause thats just the person i am. i am so full of wonder and hope, and i am kind of.... ruthless. Although i never even get my way when it comes to dating, i still hope. and i still wonder, and i never give up. i hope that ends up being a good thing. I actually am extremely proud of myself for getting over things quickly. Because i have realized there's no time to be sad in your life. 

Although i still sometimes have bad traumatizing memories... that i cant get rid of. And it only seems to be getting worse and worse. and i cant even help that thought. it even gets to the point where I'm scared to look out the drive through window, because i feel there might be a small chance that he pulls through. I just never want to see his face again. 

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Christina Bagladi said...

i think i know who that is...
i used to have the same fears
we have a lot of the same feelings
howcome you never tell me this stuff?